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Footage purchased from a specialized online stock library can be of great benefit to corporate video production, TV and documentary programs, and commercial advertisements.

Footage in advertising

Benefits of stock time-lapse footage for advertising, TV and corporate videoAdvertising involves the creative process at every level. Once the creatives have “the idea” they have to come up with the best approach , an original communication channel, some expressive insights, a clear verbal message and of course a meaningful and quality visual presentation. No wonder there are as many significant awards given for advertisements as there are for the movie or music industry.

A successful commercial is determined by the message and it’s visual presentation. The idea or concept may be generated within the agency office, but with shooting the video begins the whole expensive production process and if the idea features exotic and faraway locations then things start to get expensive! It is highly specialised work taking a film crew to the Arctic to shoot the Aurora Borealis or traveling overland through Africa to film tribes of San bushmen.

The good news is that there is no need to limit your creative ideas or expand your project budget. If you need special footage, then check out the stock footage libraries. It makes sense to survey your options in a library first as you may find just the shot you need, saving not only time but money that can be spent on other areas of the commercial.

Footage for TV shows or documentaries

Documentaries, educational and TV programs are for the most part specially shot. Custom shooting has many pros as well as cons. But time and cost are always in charge and sometimes what you need is out of reach. The script may call for clips of historical events or natural occurrences like volcanoes or tsunamis, or remote destinations in far flung locations and your budget does not allow for it! All this may threaten the completion of your project but planning well ahead and using specialist footage libraries well, will allow you to allocate more of your budget to those elements that can only be specially shot.

With stock footage you will save money, time and energy while putting together a documentary or TV program. And more importantly, you may be able to realize your creative ideas within budget.

Footage for corporate video

Creating corporate presentations demand a huge variety of video material from shots of company headquarters, business processes and satisfied customers to target markets, mood creating locations and products. Specially shooting every one of these elements is time consuming and outsourcing crews may cost you more than your whole project budget.

Many companies prefer to buy professionally shot stock video that matches their needs. However, searching for that footage online can be very time-consuming so contacting footage libraries direct and establishing a good working relationship with them enables them to find the shots you need. Professional specialist footage libraries will also know their collections intimately and may be able to suggest alternative solutions. They are a very useful resource.

Why use stock footage?

There are many reasons why you may consider contacting footage libraries.

1. Fast Someone has already spent the time and money doing the shot and the footage is already there and waiting for you online to view and download now.

2. Easy No set-up. No travel. No leaving your desk. No piles of paperwork. You just go online then view and select from licensing options to buy the footage that fits your project best.

3. Inexpensive When compared with the production costs of a shoot, stock footage is cheap.

4. Creative You can find the latest production styles and techniques in specialist stock footage libraries especially time-lapse and slow motion. Buying stock footage from professional libraries means you can trust the technical quality of the product. You know it has been professionally crafted to the broadcast standard.

Why Timeframehd?

Timeframehd offers high quality time-lapse footage by prominent award-winning cinematographers. These unique videos are shot in some of the most remote places in the world.

Our library is run by professional film-makers. We specialise in time-lapse footage online and in shooting to order. Our creative director Richard Kirby is one of the pioneers of time-lapse technology in TV production. When you buy from Timeframehd you know that you are buying from the best.

This recent music video to save lions used our Africa time-lapses. Enjoy the song!