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At number 1 – the Falklands

Wildest Islands Roundup – in first place, the Falklands And finally, after a year of island hopping, the best and the most incredible island experience of all was The Falklands. The reasons? Probably best explained in photos. Our Producer, Colin Collis recording the pandemonium in a rock hopper penguin colony Our Assistant Producer, Anthony Pyper discusses the […]

At Number 2 – Japan

I’ve never met anyone who’s been to Japan and not absolutely adored it and I was no exception.  In fact I’d been before to a tiny island in the south to film Streaked Shearwaters. It was hot, humid and semi-tropical.                                                                                                                            This time I flew to Hokkaido in deepest, darkest February. Short bitingly cold days, […]

At Number 3 – The Philippines

I’m not sure what I was expecting from the Philippines, but whatever it was, the reality was better. The islands are so beautiful and the wildlife…well, it was just different from other islands I’d already visited for this series. I wrote a blog from the Philippines last October called ‘The Lucky Butterfly’…such a great piece behavior. […]