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At number 4 – Vancouver Island

I first worked on Vancouver island in 1997 with a very good friend of mine, wildlife film maker Roger Jackman, for a film called ‘The Edge of the Sea’. We were stationed at the Bamfield Marine Science Labs where we built huge underwater sets to film the seabed creatures.  I fell in love with the […]

At number 6. The Caribbean Islands

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to visit many of the Caribbean Islands,  but none of them have been quite like Dominica. As you fly in to the island’s main airport  called Melville Hall(only one small building) the small plane sweeps down a forested valley and you can see rare parrots practically fly past […]

At number 7. Anavilhanas Islands

These will be the only islands where I’ll need to explain where they are.  They are in the Brazilian Amazon about 2 days by riverboat upstream from Manaus on the Rio Negro.  They are the world’s largest freshwater archipelago and consist of hundreds of tiny islands and seasonally flooded forest. The thing about  the Rio […]

At number 8. Hebrides

We just lucked out on the Hebrides and to be honest it was always going to be a gamble. I can take the blame for this and I was quite forceful about including it in the series and it could have been one of the best if only the weather had played ball. Old boats […]

At number 5. Sri Lanka

I was looking forward to Sri Lanka a lot and apart from the disappointing light for filming, (white skies pretty much throughout) the island is very diverse and very beautiful. I somehow thought that it would be like India, a country I’ve  visited many times, but it’s not.  India has Hinduism, Sri Lanka has Buddhism; […]